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Could Technology Reduce Suspect Deaths Caused by Police?

Throughout the nation many communities rely upon police officers to maintain law and order. As readers are likely well aware, recently there have been numerous cases in which police officers have taken the lives of citizens, under questionable circumstances. Because in some of these situations the fatal action, or the immediate aftermath, has been captured on video, the deaths are being highly scrutinized by much of the public.

Racial Disparity in Policing

There is no question that our nation is currently facing intense issues around race relations. While many people have long been aware of this, the recent deaths of several African Americans at the hands of police officers, has shed light on the issue for others. But just how big of a problem are race relations with law enforcement in Oakland? Information provided by researchers from Stanford, as they assisted the city with the court ordered collection of race information pertaining to police stops, can help to put the matter in perspective.

When is a car crash really an accident?

Collisions occur every day in the state of California. When they do, it is not uncommon for the instance to be referred to as an accident. If safety advocates have their way, that will change and they will instead be called car crashes. Multiple state and local leaders, federal officials and grass roots groups that advocate safety throughout the nation, are waging a campaign to change the words that are used to describe the incident. According to these individuals and groups, the phrase trivializes human error as a cause of the incident. They propose instead using a neutral term- "crash."

Retaliation in the Workplace: Employment Law

It is not uncommon for employers to retaliate against their employees for reporting illegal/unethical practices taking place within their own company. Retaliation under these circumstances usually involves termination, however it can also consist of harassment, demotion, cut in salary, or any other adverse employment action. One such example of employee retaliation has just surfaced out of a national scandal.

In recent news, Wells Fargo has fired 5300 employees for opening approximately 1.5 million bank accounts and 565433 credit card accounts without the authorization or knowledge of its customers. These unethical and illegal activities began in 2011 and did not come to the attention of many customers till years later. The purpose of opening additional bank accounts and credit card accounts for customers without their knowledge was to obtain additional fees - i.e., insufficient fund fees, overdraft fees, annual fees, and interest charges. 

Keeping Bicyclists Safe In The East Bay

Throughout the Bay Area bicycles are a popular mode of transportation. While good for the environment and physical fitness of the rider, they can also be dangerous. This is particularly true when cyclists cross paths with cars or trucks.

While any intersection has the potential to be the site of a collision between a vehicle and a bicyclist, statistically, some locations in the Bay Area are worse than others. Just as there are many potential causes of car accidents, so too are there multiple steps that can be taken to try to reduce the number of such incidents that occur. Modifications to the layout of streets in the Bay Area are one such approach.

Plaintiff Employment Law: Requesting Your Personnel File

Thumbnail image for Personnel File.jpgCalifornia employment law provides an important right to all employees - the right to inspect and receive a copy of your personnel records or any grievance that concerns you. The request must be in writing, and the employer has 30 days to produce records.

Buying A Hoverboard? Read This First.

Hoverboards were one of the most popular toys of the 2015 holiday season. They were also one of the most controversial, and for good reason.

Many retailers have banned or limited the sale of hoverboards because of safety concerns. The battery-powered, self-balancing scooters are linked not only to obvious falling injuries, but also to fires and explosions.

Understanding Employment Benefits For Same-Sex Couples In California

Recent changes in federal and state laws are leading to expanded employment benefits for gay and lesbian couples. While same-sex marriage has been legal in California since 2013, last June's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that expanded same-sex marriage rights across the country is having an impact here in California.

California employers must now treat employees in same-sex and opposite-sex marriages equally for both federal and state law purposes.

Andrews Litigation Featured In Major New Biography Of Bechtel Family

Book.jpgOn March 1, 2016, Simon & Schuster will publish an epic biography of the Bechtel family, written by investigative journalist and bestselling author, Sally Denton. The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World pulls back the curtain on the secretive family's global empire, the Bechtel Corporation, exposing its rampant abuse of corporate and political power.

Do Yahoo Layoffs Violate California Employment Law?

As Yahoo continues to waver, the Sunnyvale-based company announced plans to reduce its workforce. In early February, Yahoo announced that it will fire about 15 percent of its workforce in the coming months.

The layoffs take place as the company faces legal challenges over earlier job cuts. A former Yahoo employee sued the company Feb. 1, arguing that the employer violated California state laws and federal laws when it laid off hundreds of workers in 2014 and 2015.

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