About the Author

J. Gary Gwilliam

J. Gary Gwilliam has long been one of the nation's most successful and respected attorneys. For more than a dozen years, he has also been a powerful mentor for attorneys and others who deal with such challenges as alcoholism and overwork. In 2005 the ABA Journal featured him on its cover and in its story of how attorneys find that some of life's most important lessons come from defeat. As president of the California Trial Lawyers Association, he led the defeat of bogus tort reform propositions that would have severely limited consumer rights.

Gary vigorously advocates on behalf of employees and consumers who have been wronged by the actions of others. He also fully integrates his spiritual practices with his legal practice, so that trial preparation includes meditation as well as thorough legal strategizing. People who work with him enjoy a model of disciplined work balanced with compassion and a great sense of humor.

Gary's personal life centers on his soul mate, Lilly, their grandchildren, and a love of traveling. They have travelled the world together and live an active and full life.

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