Reviews and Recommendations

Getting a Winning Verdict in My Personal Life: a Trial Lawyer Finds His Soul has had numerous positive reviews and endorsements. Here are just a few:

"Gwilliam's fast-paced story shows how the stress of being a courtroom lawyer and a gradual but growing dependence on alcohol almost destroyed his life. His courage and determination with pressure from close friends to stop drinking in mid-career has been the key to his many successes since. A deeply personal and brutally honest tale with lessons for us all."

- Joan Claybrook, President, Public Citizen

"A trial lawyer who finds his soul? What a concept. I like it!"

- Erin Brockovich, Final Justice

"Gary Gwilliam's story is a compelling tale of self-disclosure and personal growth. The simple sincerity of his friendly voice keeps you turning pages. He's a role model for what's good and right about lawyers: how they can serve; and the compassion that drives them. This book is filled with lessons for everyone, but especially lawyers and their clients. If you need a champion you can find a template of what to look for in this book!"

- Stewart L. Levine, Esq., author, Getting to Resolution; The Book of Agreement; co-author Collaborate 2.0

From the Sept. 2007 Advocate Magazine: Getting a Winning Verdict In My Personal Life: a trial lawyer finds his soul begins with a heartrending jury trial loss in a high-stakes products case he had hoped would be his long awaited breakthrough. As he sits alone in his car, emptying a six-pack to fill the hollow in his heart, Gwilliam starts us on a retrospective journey of his life. It's quite a ride. Throughout it all, there is a sense of a complex being who has opened his soul for our inspection, consequences be damned. It's somewhat disturbing and not a little puzzling. It's also interesting.

Gwilliam isn't afraid to write about things of which he's not proud, and it's a long list. There are two failed marriages and numerous family tragedies. We witness his professional losses, both in the courtroom and at the firm. We experience the pain and personal anguish of a bright mind chained in a dark place. If this is the story of a soul, then we come to understand something about the damned.

Of course, damnation cries out for redemption and in this regard the author does not let us down. His own life healed, we see Gwilliam embarking on a life mission to minister to others suffering the pain of addiction. It's a moving turn of events.

- Bill Daniels, The Advocate Magazine, September 2007

From the November 2007 newsletter of the National Employment Law Association:
J. Gary Gwilliam's new book, Getting A Winning Verdict In My Personal Life: A Trial Lawyer Finds His Soul, is a riveting autobiography by a well-known, successful courtroom lawyer who talks openly about his losses, failed relationships, and his addiction to alcohol-- things lawyers never mention-- in a brutally honest way. Never has a well-known lawyer written a book that so openly bares his soul for the entire world to see.

Gary's life is one of extremes. He transforms himself from a gang member to prosecutor, morphs from a staunch conservative into a liberal Democrat, from alcoholic to being sober, from follower in his professional life to leader, and from wild party guy to devoted and loving husband. These are just a few of the personal transformations that are recorded by gifted storyteller Gary Gwilliam.

But Winning Verdict is more than just a sordid, legal tell-all book. Through the stories in his book, Gary tells us that where you start out in life is not necessarily where you will end up, a point clearly illustrated when Gary takes us on the spiritual journey he describes in his book. Lawyers, judges, and others connected to the legal profession who have read Gwilliam's book enthusiastically endorse it. Gary's story is a prime example of what can happen when people face the worst in themselves, and by doing that, learn how to bring forth the best. All of us need wisdom like that.